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Wyatt's  Special Deals.


Right now Wyatt's Professional Flooring  is offering These Special Deals until the new year!



Carpet  Restretch    for just


For up to 300 sq. ft.    Thats a 12x25 room

Not only are wrinkles and bubbles in your carpet an eye sore they are also a tripping hazzard. Most bubbles and wrinkles can be fixed and for way less then replacing your carpet call Wyatt's to schedule an appointment to have your carpet Restretched.

Price may vary on larger areas,excessive furniture or distance of your job.

Free Hollywood Steps

With any purchase of 80 yrds or more.

Hollywood steps are a very unique way to install steps. Not only do they bring out the shape and style of your steps they also dont come loose like the standard waterfall steps from kicking the risers of the steps in everyday traffic. Most stores charge $10 - $20 per step to Install. Wyatt's will install Hollywood steps for you for FREE with any purchase and install over 80 yrds. Just mention you want Hollywood Steps.



Wyatt's Professional Flooring Inc.

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